Welcome to a Real Barber Shop
Welcome to a Real Barber Shop 

Juan the Barber-Award Winning Master Barber


About Me

 I'm the Barber you have been looking for!  With over 15 years of experience there's no hair I can not cut, no style I can not do, hair is just hair to me. The consistent cut will always be present and the quality of the cut will be evident. We have been serving in Mansfield for 5 & 1/2 yrs . Im not just a Barber/Owner , Im a award winning Master Barber.

* Juan The Barber is APPOINTMENTS ONLY

Accomplishments & Awards

11x Award Winner


1st    Place Fast Best Fade - New Orleans 2/2015

​2nd   Place Mystery Cut - New Orleans 2/2015

2nd   Place Freestyle Design - New Orleans 2/2015


1st    Place Fast Best Fade - Dallas, TX 3/2015

2nd   Place Traditional Haircut - Dallas, TX 3/2015


1st    Place Fast Best Fade -San Antonio , TX 3/2015

2nd   ​Place Traditional Haircut - San Antonio , TX 3/2015

2nd   ​Place Freestyle Design - San Antonio , TX 3/2015


Presentation class ​(Fading Low, Medium , High ) - Paul Mitchell School Of Dallas 3/2015


3rd    ​Place Fast Best Fade- Albuquerque, New Mexico 5/2015


Judge : Beard Contest - Shine and Grind car show - Mansfield, TX 10/2015


2nd   Place Freestyle Design - San Antonio ,Tx 7/2016

​3rd   ​ Place Fast Best Fade - San Antonio , Tx 7/2016

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