Welcome to a Real Barber Shop
Welcome to a Real Barber Shop 


The BEST (mayweather weaves)
Ruby D says: My son is a year and a half and as you all know kids are not that easy going when it comes to haircuts. My son is over the top! Having him sit still was a challenge but that never stopped Juan and he assured me he was doing good. My son was weaving and ducking every time Juan came at him with the clippers.I swear it was like trying to cut mayweather's hair while weaving. He talked to my son and tried to make him as comfortable as possible. Long story short Juan did an amazing job of cutting my sons hair even with the challenge of head throwings. He even managed a edge up. How he accomplished this I don't know. THANK YOU JUAN!
Juan is the man!
Craig B says: Even though I was multitasking in several necessary phone calls while there, Juan was accommodating and gracious. Oh, and he gave me a remarkable hair cut that is clean and stylish - my wife won't stop raving about! He's very good at "Hair texturing", which is a concept most barbers seem to have no idea how to do.
Best in the south
Jen m says: He was great! My 7 yr old hates haircuts from bad previous experiences but now he said he would be OK going back, no more anxiety about haircuts. And he is quick, he did better in 20 mins then other have done in an hour hair cut..he truly knows how to work with young kids.
No one compares
Kayla J says: He's the only barber who has the patience for my son( he's 4). we've been going to him for almost 3 years now. All my men in my family go see him, he's the man!!!
Andy R says: Juan is the man! He is quick, but professional. He is very friendly. He gave me an excellent haircut. He has made another returning customer.
Wouldn't Go Anywhere Else
Brandy K says: Once my son Mason came here, he asks me to schedule immediately after a cut so that he can only go to Juan. Not only is he a great barber but he makes great conversation as well.
You get what you pay for!!!
Jason D says: Juan is by-far the best barber I've ever been too. Went here for the first time and never went anywhere else. His professionalism exceeds and surpasses all the others. Make an appointment with him and you will not regret it. Also nice clean organized environment.
The Best
Debra F says: My sons who are 13 and 10 will not go to any other barber since we found Juan. He is very professional and very friendly. His shop is clean and very well maintained. We will not be going anywhere else. My son is so set on the way Juan cuts his hair, he set appts for the next few cuts so he would not miss out!!
Stop looking, you found the best barber!
Dempsy W says: I've been going to Juan for about 2 or 3 years now and he is by far the best one around. He's quick, very good at recognizing problem areas (cowlicks and such) and knows how to deal with them. He is the ONLY barber I will allow to trim my beard because he does it perfectly... no "#4 clipper and buzz your beard off" stuff with him! It's an actual comb and clippers, free-hand job and he does it flawlessly. I hope he never moves and if he does, he better tell us where he went or we'll have to hunt him down! :)
top notch barber
Ron M says: I have been cut by Juan since way back when he was on Debbie at another barbers shop. Top shelf barber. and a cool shop. customer for life!
My little guys 4 and 7- have never looked this good!
Heather M says: Both boys have a lot of anxiety with going to get haircuts. Juan made them comfortable, was able to understand the haircut they wanted and gave it to them. They actually talked about their next haircut and visit before bed.
Best barber in town
Md R says: I strongly recommend Juan. He is the best barber in town.
Kevin R says: Juan did an excellent job! He is very personable and professional. The appointment policy is awesome....no more waiting! It's a great place. Go check it out.
The Best
Courtney C says: I moved went to 3 other barbers and couldn't deal with the service I received. I am now back with Juan and will drive extra just to receive his type of service. Great family man and the best vibe to be around! Appts. Are always on time and the max my son is in that chair is 25 mins. I never have a complaint with my boys hair cuts and Juan is beyond patient with my 4 year old which makes it more calm for me. Thanks Juan we missed ya!
Christy D says: My husband recently passed away and my boys 17 & 10 haven't had their hair cut by anyone else. Since, we've gone other places but now that we found Lone Star Barber we won't be going anywhere else. They are fast & fabulous! I love how they interact with my kids ask them how they are doing etc and they boys love the hair cuts
Great As Usual
Jake W says: I've been going to here ever since I moved to Mansfield 3 years ago. It is always great work, and it's worth the price. Just got my first face shave and it was awesome! It's great to not have to shave before you go report for duty. ( Still in the military ) If your looking for a professional place to get cleaned up, this is the spot
Anthony Gamez
Anthony G says: Let me just say I moved to Arlington went all over to look for a good barber but nothing. Recently moved to Mansfield and saw the shop just never wanted to stop n try it out but I have to say it was one of the best cuts I've had in years and a great experience. Looking forward to going back. Keep up the great work Juan.
Hard to please teenager...
Christy W says: My very picky hair snob teenager thought Juan was awesome! So glad to find someone local who knows what they are doing, and now I don't have to drive to Dallas every 3 weeks!!
Best Barber in the Metroplex
Marc M says: I have been going to Juan for years. His cuts, shaves, beard trims and designs are top notch. You cant find anyone better. There is no wait anymore, services are easy to book online and you are in the chair at the time of your appointment or earlier. Only barber shop i will visit.
First rate
Russ S says: I like the appointment policy, that way you are not waiting in line. Juan is a fine barber who listens to what his clients want.
Best Barber in Town
Steve B says: Juan is a first rate barber. Professional, courteous, efficient. The appointment process has been flawless. He's a keeper.
Best haircut
Jeff M says: No wait, online appointment booking system works great, top notch cut best ive had in a very long time....
Won't go any place else
Bob B says: I gave Juan a quick explanation of what I wanted to look like and I walked out with exactly what I wanted. We had great conversation and good advice. Like I said already, I won't go anywhere else.
Kim M says: I took my son in for a cut, and his hair grows so weird that not just anybody can cut it. Trust me, he's had some pretty terrible ones before. I just told Juan what I wanted him to have, I didn't even need to show him a picture and he cut it perfect! It's a really nice "old school" experience. Will definitely be taking him back.
A real barber
DeWayne C says: Jaun is excellent when it comes to cutting hair, he's not all about the frills of a hair stylist. He is a true barber and it is hard to find someone that remember the way you like your hair , Jaun is very persistent and does a great job everytime. Its nice to be able to get the same results each and every time from the same person, not someone different each time you go like some if the other haircut places. Jaun is very courteous and professional. So if your thinking about finding a new barber, Jaun is the one to go to.
Carlo V says: I'm very picky when it comes to someone cutting my hair. Juan was very professional & hands down the BEST BARBER I've been too. He takes his time & doesn't rush you. You won't be disappointed at all. I've finally found a master barber to go to now.
Always excellent service
Angel L says: I have been going to Juan's to get my hair cut for several months and he always gives you great personalized service and the online scheduling makes it so easy (with no lines). Mil gracias Juan.
Always makes my son and fiance look AMAZING
patricia r says: My five year old son and fiance always have the best cut when they leave Juan. We never have any complaints. The cuts are consistently fresh!
Finally found my barber
Lamar M says: I moved here two months ago and have been searching for a good barber from my son. After several haircuts this is it. Not only did the cut come out clean my son didn't fuss. He told me after he Juan was done "Daddy that was a good haircut". That has never happened before.
Amy C says: Juan is no doubt the best barber in the DFW and beyond I am sure. He is consistent in delivering positive results EVERY TIME. LOVE LOVE LOVE
Best barber
Aldo C says: I drive 45 minutes just to get a haircut by Juan! His is the best barber ever. The online booking makes it easy because you don't have to wait at all! You set your appointment, You walk in, sit in the chair and your out in 20 minutes.
Exactly what i wanted
Brian E says: He did the best job I have ever had on a fade and cut. I was a bit nervous about getting my beard cut and faded. He did exactly what I was looking for! I changed my style on my hair up and was unsure of the look and he already knew my vision and gave me the best cut! Thanks bro!
Great as always
jim g says: In this day and age it is great to find a real barber shop, not one those places where girls in shorts and tee shirts soak your head and use scissors to give you a good hair cut only half of the time in my experience. I guess it is ok for the young guys who like the scenery. But I grew up going to a real barber with skills, Jaun is just that a REAL BARBER who knows how to cut your hair. The man never disappoints always a great haircut. No matter how you ask your hair to be cut he can do it... I am glad I found a real barber and a real barber shop...
Mike F says: Was very impressed.....new to area and just found the perfect person to cut my hair. Will be going back. Great experience.
best barber in DFW
Delfino V says: me and my boys love going there
The Best Barber You Will Find!!!!
Teresa B says: All of the positive reviews that I read on Juan is what prompted me to take my son to him to start with, after taking my son there a few days ago, I knew that I had to leave a review myself! Juan is AWESOME!!! My son wanted a hair design and the design turned out truly amazing!! It was better than me and my son had hoped for, not only that....It was Juan's own design. He didn't look at a picture or anything, he turned my son's hair into a piece of art work. We will highly recommend him to everybody we see, both young and old. Thank you Juan! We will be back!
My son won't go anywhere else
Misty B says: My son refuses to go to anyone else for a haircut. It's Juan or we wait. I love the online booking - we schedule our appointment, and we are in and out of the ship in 20 minutes. Juan is friendly, funny and a great barber. I recommend him to everyone!!! Thanks Juan!!!
Lone star the best in Texas
Sixto T says: Juan's serive has the best ive ever experience. The Man can cut and cant eait to rock his new shirts.
A real mens barber shop
Dempsy W says: I love the old timey look to the place and Juan is an excellent, old school barber. He also knows all about the younger guys cuts. You'll see everyone from little kids to old dudes like me in the shop and all of us are glad we've found such a cool place.
Barber For Life
Phil C says: As a contractor for a pipeline company, I am on the road a lot. I will drive 100 miles to come to Lone Star Barber Shop. When I know I will be in the area, I go to their online appointment system, book my haircut, show up, sit right down and leave happy in 15-20 minutes.Very professional and town-home barbershop. Awesome!
best haircut I have had
Brock a says: Best haircut I have had in the past 9 years since I moved to mansfield. Thank you ace for the recommendation. Zero fade with a side part cut in. Sharp. Wish I could post a pic to show the quality. Great job Juan.
Best Barber In DFW
Misti B says: My son has been going to Juan since he was 8 months old. We just love him & how amazing he is we are aLeah's recommending him to everyone & even wear his shirts for the shop to show off his shop.
barber experience
Juan R says: Top notch no doubt about it
Good experience
Philip B says: It is always a good experience. Good conversation. Good hair cut and good experience all together. I like making an appointment because of 2 reasons. First, when i get there i don't have to wait more than 5 minutes. Second, i get individual attention.
The best
Mike L says: I've been going to haircut place after haircut place, never satisfied. 18 years had gone by since my last Barber retired. Then, one day almost 4 years ago... I stumbled upon Juan. I knew after my first haircut with him... Juan was my BARBER. I'd do an hour drive, monthly, if I had to, to get my hair cut by him.
Juan is the Man
Brian W says: My son and I have been going to Juan for a few months and he is excellent, he can cut all kinds of hair. What I like most is he is very professional and his website is very easy to navigate. If your looking for a barber in the Mansfield area definately give Juan a try.
Eddie A says: Great service will definitely go back
Lil Chris Y says: Juan is a very talented Barber. I am only in 8th grade but he has been cutting my hair since 5th grade. He also does my Dads and my 3 Bros hair too. Thanks Juan for keeping your boyz looking FRESH!
James M
James M says: Juan is the best. After 6 years of living in Texas, I finally found my barber.
James M
James M says: Juan is the best. After 6 years of living in Texas, I finally found my barber.
All Good
Phil B says: The experience at this place is all good. From the time you open the door until you open it go out.
One Stop Shop
Caleb G says: I could move an hour away and Id still make the drive to Juan's. A+ quality and service, great guy with great talent. When it comes to your hair or a shave you get what you pay for, but this is a bargain for the work you'll have done.
Ruby G.
Ruby g says: Juan was awesome! Made me feel right at home. Did everything in a timely manner. My design looks bad ass. I will def go to his shop again. Thanks again Juan
Nobody Better
Edwin S says: You may be able to find someone as good but you won't find anybody better. Juan is hands down as good as it gets. I've had the mohawk fade and now dreadlock fade and he still is perfect every time. Also have seen him do stuff with people's who's hair is nothing like mine. 5 stars easy
best barber
Delfino V says: Great Barber and my boys love going to him
Steven D says: Juan is the man. Period. Very professional and extremely skilled. I highly recommend.
Daniel A
Daniel A says: Juan is the man cool dude good people I've been cutting my hair with Juan for over 10 years now. Great service! I fell welcome going into lone star barbershop. The new appointment set is great is a easy way to get a haircut good job keep up the good work Juan!
Mansfield's Master Barber
Michael W says: Ok, I was able to make an appointment online got in sat down and was able to get out in 20 min. Jaun listens to what you want and then does what you asked. The experience was enlightening as we spoke about business in general.
Best barber in Texas !
Mitch M says: Juan has been my barber for 10 years now. Why go anywhere else!?!?
Mike Z
Mike Z says: As always... Juan is on point. Great fade, old school barber feel. Great place for men to get squared away. I constantly have people ask who cuts my hair & then compliment it. Using an appointment was a plus. Don't think I'll ever use walk in again.
Best Barber In Mansfield!
Courtney C says: So happy I came across Juan's barber shop!! My 3 year old loves him! Juan is more than patient with my boy's even when I am not. My boy’s haircuts are always great! Nice relaxing family style shop. Love it!! Also loving the appointment set up!
Tonya T says: My 13 year old who did not want a haircut because he was afraid it would not look good LOVED his cut! He liked that Juan took the time to listen to him and do what he wanted. That was the most important part, I think! We left and he said that it was the first time in a very long time he liked his haircut! Thanks! We will be back!
A 1
Terrance M says: Juan is a cool guy. Just moved to this city and it was crazy looking for a barber but I felt welcome when I first walked through the door. Down to earth and just real. The online appointment link is on point. Keep up the good work my friend.
A wizard with children!
Johnny B says: I love Juan, and he is amazing with my 4 year old son! Great job with his hair and the whole experience.
Great experience.
Angel L says: Juan'S new online appt.system makes things so much easier. Great haircut with no waiting. Way to go Juan!
My boys won't go to anyone else
Misty B says: My kids are willing to get up early on a Saturday to go and get their hair cut by Juan. They won't go anywhere else. He is very friendly, price is great and he does a wonderful job. I love the new online appointment booking!!
Awesome Place and Service
Phil C says: I was visiting in town and needed a trim on my flat top. No Worries. Scheduled on-line and no wait. I sat down and Juan cut it better than my normal barber. I have a new barber now. Awesome service and free wi-fi.
Great Service
Rodolfo A says: I was very happy with my cut. Juan is very professional and honors the appointments to the minute. Juan has gained a loyal customer. We are taking my son next time. Keep up the good service Juan Rodolfo
First Time Visit For My Ten Month Old Son!!
Misti B says: Juan is great & the shop is nice!! So nice not having to wait to get in, definitely love his appointment system. My son Cruz loved Juan and trusted him, we will be going back every two weeks for sure. I recommend him for everyone.
Best in town
Ace R says: Booking was easy and Juan was professional as always. He started exactly on time and finished on time. Cut was clean. As always, I walked in and heard ," what's up Buddy!"
juan r says: 5 stars to this guy, best barbershop in town
Best Barber in DFW
Mike L says: I've been dealing with mediocre haircut places for years until I found Juan. This is the Barber Shop I've been looking for all my adult life. The new appointment system is great. I had no problems booking and the reminders are nice.
Jaylen K says: Making a appointment went smooth and fast.
Best Hair Cut in the DFW area.
Brian T says: Juan your the man, great hair cuts and conversation.
Can't complain..
Danny L says: Juan's new system is great. It benefits me as much as it does him. I'll never have to wait 72 hours to get a cut again.
This is what a barber shop Should be.
Art G says: Juan, delivers the best of the ol' fashion men's barbershop experience. He gives a great flat top too. I'm a customer for life.
daniel l says: logged on and booked my appointment early yesterday morning, Juan had an opening on my lunch. I was able to leave work, get a haircut, chat it up about those COWBOYS, pay, and still had enough time to get lunch before I had to be back at work
Very Smooth
Atlas K says: Wife made my appointment with no problem. When I went in Juan was ready to do my cut! Went very smooth! Good job!
Very Smooth
Atlas K says: Wife made my appointment with no problem. When I went in Juan was ready to do my cut! Went very smooth! Good job!
Best Barber in the Mansfield area!
Anthony C says: The new appointment set up is great! No more waiting. As soon as you walk in he's waiting for you. In and out. Always a great cut!
Best Haircut in Mansfield
Russ F says: Juan is the man: he's a great dude & gives great haircuts. Always a great experience to come in and talk life with him!
Roman W says: I've been getting a haircut at Juan's for years now and his service to me has always been above standard, my haircut is great, Juan is great. Keep up the good work!
Benny A says: My Service was great. I walked in and straight into The Barber chair. I like the new appointment link on line, it's easy to use and makes getting a great hair cut way easier.. Lonestar barbershop is a consistent barbershop I get great service every time I go. Keep up the good work Juan
Robert O says: Very good "old style" barbershop, good service. Juan is the only good 'real barber' that I have found in the area, and I'll be back.
barber experience
jesus C says: like i told you, it was my first time going to a barber in 21 years! The face shave was an excellent experience, I recommend it to any man in the area! Thanks for the new style on my son as well , he loves his new dew!
und my favorite stylist and I can't imagine going to anyone else. Thanks!"
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